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Green Tech Solutions Co.

    Our Vison:

    To focus on Energy Saving solutions such as LED Lights and Solar Energy; distinguishing ourselves as the experts with outstanding products and services.

    Our Mission:

    To help improving our environment with energy saving which directly or indirectly reduce Hazardous Waste, decrease mankind carbon footprint and exceed all safety and environmental regulations.

    Our History:

    GreenTech Solutions Company was established in January 2013, to introduce at large in Kuwait LED Lighting Solutions for indoor, outdoor for household, commercial and industrial clients. Only high quality products are sold by GreenTech Solutions Company. We stand behind our products and give the best LED Light guarantee in the markets which include parts and labor. We are experts in what we do, delivering the best services and products to our clients. We will never introduce low quality products to Kuwait market. Our LED lights solutions are environmentally friendly and safe. We will always keep up with the latest development in LED Lighting. We also do solar energy panels that generate electricity which could be used to power our LED Light, Street Lights, Greenhouses, and households. In general all solutions that reduces the power consumption and be environmentally friendly for household, commercial establishments and industrial establishments are parts of our visions to be gradually introduced to Kuwait market.

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