GreenTech Services

GreenTech Solutions Company provides a  range of services, all of which are related to LED lighting systems and Solar systems Solutions.

1. LED Lighting

Distribution of wide range of products based on LED technology.

2. Technical Support

We provide full technical support to our customers, which includes installation, maintenance and warranty support.

3. Technical Design

Provision of complete technical design and blueprints of lighting solutions for your projects

4. Consulting

Our engineers are available to deliver consulting and training services on how to design, install, exploit and maintain LED lighting systems.

5. Home Solar System 

Our company is focusing on providing best home solar system to our customer.

GreenTech Solutions Company would like to kindly invite you to visit our showroom.

Here you will have a chance to personally experience the unique quality of our LED lighting products. Demonstrated lighting solutions provide visual examples of its suitability to your desires.
Our skilled and professional personnel are always ready to answer your questions and to provide you with a big variety of samples of the cutting edge LED products, so you can examine them yourself.